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Ecotricity has collaborated with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds on such a range of projects that the relationship has become a mutually beneficial partnership. The RSPB is one of the many mission-driven organisations we supply, and became a customer in 2011. Then, in 2016, we built a turbine for the charity capable of supplying all the green electricity the Society needs to power its head office in Sandy, Bedfordshire, and all 127 RSPB locations across the UK.

It's good to Ecotalk

Using some of the money raised by Ecotalk, the mobile phone network founded by Ecotricity and powered by sustainable green energy generated using wind turbines and solar power, we have collaborated with the RSPB on a rewilding project at Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve, near Castleford in West Yorkshire. This benefits a whole range of bird species the RSPB is sworn to protect.

Safe and sustainable

One of the most interesting things about our relationship with the RSPB is the advice the charity can give us on how wind farms affect bird populations. Although birds can become disorientated by wind turbines, or killed if struck by the blades, the RSPB recommends wind energy because it is sustainable. Furthermore, the Society has developed expertise in wind farm positioning and regularly reviews plans for their construction.

The installation of the wind turbine at our head office has been a significant step in the RSPB’s efforts to reduce our carbon emissions and we have shown how this can be delivered in harmony with nature.
Martin Harper, Director for Conservation, RSPB
Owl in autumn foliage

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