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Our partners

Our partners

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank has built a track record of financing organisations that work in nature and the environment, social businesses and the culture and welfare sectors. They use the power of finance to invest in projects that are good for people and the planet.

From renewable energy companies and organic farms to housing co-operatives, local healthcare initiatives and charity and community projects, Triodos supports projects striving for a more sustainable future.

As an online UK bank, they offer an ethical current account, a range of savings accounts and ISAs, along with different investment options.

Transparent and ethical banking

Triodos believes banks should be open, which is why they publish details of every organisation they lend to on their website. And by lending exclusively to organisations who put people and the planet before profits, their savers’ money works to create a positive impact.

CEO, Bevis Watts explains, “We believe money can be an incredibly powerful force for good, so we only use money for things that can demonstrate positive environmental or social impact.”

Triodos and Ecotricity

We’ve worked with Triodos for over 20 years, when they financed the build of our very first windmill back in 1996. Like us, Triodos strive to build a sustainable future by supporting ethical projects that benefit the environment.

Our founder Dale Vince explains, “Back in 1996, I’d already spent five years of my life trying to build our first windmill, with no qualifications or experience in the energy sector.

“It was Triodos that had the courage to back me to actually build it. We now supply over 200,000 customers and make green energy from 74 windmills across the UK.”

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