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LEON Restaurants

The fast-food chain LEON Restaurants is one of those transformative businesses that seems to be a natural partner for Ecotricity. Just like we’ve changed the British energy industry by supplying green electricity and gas, LEON has proven that takeaway food can be healthy, tasty and better for the planet. In 2020, Ecotricity was pleased to announce a partnership with LEON Restaurants.

Green electricity across Britain

Ecotricity is supplying our green electricity, generated sustainably using wind and solar power, to all 54 LEON restaurants across Britain. The company’s all-natural menu contains a range of vegetarian and vegan options, including the vegan LOVe Burger and the delicious Grilled Aubergine Plant Box. Since opening its first restaurant in 2004, LEON’s mission has been to be kinder to the planet, and thanks to Ecotricity the company can now say that it uses responsibly sourced green energy.

Business energy partnership

LEON’s partnership with Ecotricity has also resulted in a joint promotion between the two companies that will benefit consumers. Through a special offer, customers who switch to Ecotricity as their energy supplier will receive £25 voucher from LEON Restaurants. In addition, a £25 donation will be made to The Wildlife Trusts for rewilding projects, underlining both companies’ commitments to nature and biodiversity in Britain.

Working together, LEON and Ecotricity are fighting climate change, supporting Britain’s natural habitats and giving their customers a better deal in the process.

Being kind to the planet is an important part of our mission so we’re excited to take a step forward towards a greener Leon and partner with Ecotricity, the world’s leading green energy provider.
Kirsty Saddler, Sustainability and Values Director, LEON Restaurants

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LEON Restaurants case study

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