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Our story

All the things that make us Britain’s greenest energy company
Our story

Ecotricity innovation

The world is facing a climate emergency. To answer this challenge, we are researching new ways of generating, distributing and using energy that reduce the amount of carbon that goes into the atmosphere. We do this valuable R&D work at our Eco Lab.

From record-breaking green vehicles to more efficient wind turbines and on to battery storage and smart grids, Ecotricity is developing smarter solutions for a greener future.

The award-winning Ion Horse

We teamed up with Kingston University to build a 150mph superbike and compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero, a race showcasing zero-emissions motorbikes. Developed from the ground up by Kingston University and motorcycle design company Vepro, the Ion Horse came third in the race, beating the likes of Imperial College, MIT and BMW with average lap speeds over 100mph.

Record-breaking Greenbird

In 2009, Greenbird smashed the world land speed record for wind powered vehicles when it clocked 126.1mph on the dry bed of Ivanpah Lake, Nevada. The previous record was 116mph. Built in collaboration with engineer Richard Jenkins, Greenbird was a nod to Donald Campbell’s Bluebird but unlike that combustion engine beast, it burns no fossil fuels and proves that long after the petroleum age the wind will still be here to put us in motion.

The Nemesis electric sportscar

The Nemesis project set out to turn conventional notions about electric vehicles upside down, and it did so in style. Reaching 148mph, it set a British land speed record for electric cars, and later exceeded 150mph. With a sleek body, jaw-dropping acceleration, zero emissions and charged with green electricity from Ecotricity, The Nemesis showed that you can travel in style while using a fuel source that never runs out.

The R9000

Conventional wind turbines are fine out in the countryside where there’s plenty of room, but what if you are limited on space and still want 100% green electricity from the wind?

The R9000 is the best-selling small windmill in Britain, and is one of the most efficient small wind turbines available. The R9000 has been engineered with robustness and low maintenance in mind and its reliability is backed by millions of operating hours at thousands of homes, farms and businesses worldwide.

We believe machines like this will be essential for an energy-independent Britain, which is why we design and manufacture them at our sister company, Britwind.

The world's first electric hovercraft

In early 2023, Dale unveiled his latest invention - the world’s first electric hovercraft.

Just like its non-electric counterpart, this hovercraft could be used for search and rescue missions. To help biodiversity, Dale hopes this one will also be used for seagrass rewilding.

This type of rewilding requires craft to travel across mudflats to gather seeds. It is hoped that the Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK will be using the craft for marine protection projects.

Britain's first green gasmill - using grass to create gas

We’re in a climate and cost of living emergency. We can't wait around for the theoretical perfect solution.

We don't need to get rid of gas completely - we just need to change where we're getting it from.

Our green gasmill draws from best practice from anaerobic digesters across Europe - but it was built to much higher standards than current anaerobic digestion facilities.

Our first green gasmill connected to the grids in late 2023, and is now powering homes and businesses in the area with green gas. In 2024, we're designing and starting on our second green gasmill, which will be twice the size of the first.