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Ecotricity for business

From startups to major corporations, we supply business customers with green energy all across Britain
Ecotricity for business

Green energy for SMEs

Your business can help fight climate change by getting its green electricity and green gas from Ecotricity.

Not only will you cut your carbon emissions, you’ll also be helping build a greener Britain. Because of our unique Bills into Mills model, we’re able to invest the money we make from your bills in new sources of green energy. We’ve built wind and sun parks all over the country, as well as our first green gasmill, with the aim of taking fossil fuels off the grid completely.

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Whether your business is B2B or B2C, getting sustainable green energy from Ecotricity will give it the eco credibility clients and consumers are looking for.

One fair price for everyone

All of our SME business customers are on the same fair and simple tariff. When you switch to Ecotricity you’ll be on our latest lowest prices and you’ll stay there.

Here to help

Our expert team of business account managers is on hand to help you with any energy-related query you might have.

Is my business an SME?

If your business uses under 1GWh of energy a year or you have fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover under £2 million, it fits into our SME category.

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Click here for a quick quote, email or call 0345 600 1994. We’re open Mon to Thu 08:30-17:00 and Fri 08:30-16:00.

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The Wave Bristol case study

This new business uses Ecotricity's sustainable green energy to power its wave machines, EV charge points, buildings and more...