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Let’s end fossil fuels!

We’re Britain’s greenest energy company. Join us and together we’ll replace fossil fuels with green energy.
Union Jack in Ecotricity green with people vs. fossil fuels
Union Jack in Ecotricity green with people vs. fossil fuels

Let’s end fossil fuels!

We’re Britain’s greenest energy company. Join us and together we’ll replace fossil fuels with green energy.
Union Jack in Ecotricity green with people vs. fossil fuels
Union Jack in Ecotricity green with people vs. fossil fuels
Founders of the Global Green Energy Movement

Truly green energy

Welcome to Britain’s greenest energy company. All our electricity is certified green, and also certified vegan. Our gas is a mix of carbon-neutralised natural gas and sustainable green gas.

What makes us different is that we turn your Bills into Mills. So, instead of paying dividends we invest your bills in building new forms of green energy. And, you can be absolutely certain that the energy we supply will not be greenwashed.

Joining Ecotricity is one of the biggest things you can do to help fight climate change.
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Green energy you can trust

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Sustainable green gas

We’re busy building green gasmills, making sustainable gas from grass and pumping it into the local grid. The carbon from burning the gas is reabsorbed when the grass grows back – no fossil fuels required.

We can make enough green gas to power every home and business in Britain, without taking away land for food production. And it’s perfect for our existing boilers, heating our homes and water without the hassle of installing expensive heat pumps.

Ethical pricing

We’re Britain’s greenest energy company and we operate an ethical approach to everything we do, including pricing.

We set our prices at a level that allows us to do our job of building new sources of green energy - as we seek to end the use of fossil fuels in the energy sector.

We are a not for dividend company, the money we have (all of it) goes into our mission, to green up Britain. You can read more about our energy tariffs here.

Always here to help

Go digital!

To manage your Ecotricity account log in or use our smartphone app.

Our great digital tools can be used 24/7, but if you need to talk to someone our UK-based customer support team is always ready to help.

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More ways to go green

At Ecotricity we do more than just supply energy. We can help you go green in other ways too.

If you have solar panels, you can export energy with our Microtricity scheme. And, you can manage your home energy more efficiently with a smart meter.

You can find out how much carbon you generate annually with our Carbon Footprint Calculator, then implement our energy-saving tips, if you haven't already.

Soon we’ll be inviting anyone with home battery storage to join our smart grids initiative. With Ecotricity you get green energy at a fair price, and the help you need to go green in the 21st century.

What our customers say...

We've been fighting climate change for 29 years

When we launched in 1995, we were Britain’s only green energy company and we founded the global green energy movement.

Since then we’ve grown and grown, building wind and solar farms to power homes and businesses across the country. As we celebrate our 29th anniversary we continue to lead the way with pioneering innovations in green energy.

1996 lynch knoll
On 13 December 1996, the first of many truly magic moments in the history of Ecotricity took place. We completed our first ever windmill. And it’s been turning ever since.
2002 three windmills
In 2002, we added two more windmills to our collection. Situated near Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, they were the first in the county and began turning in July.
2003 supply homes
Up until 2003, we’d only ever supplied energy to businesses, but never homes. Finally, we were ready and able to supply green electricity to homes across Britain.
2007 Al Gore and Dale Vince
In 2007, Al Gore presented our founder Dale Vince with the Ashden UK Award for work in the area of renewable energy.
2013 100 percent green
On 1 August 2013, we introduced 100% green electricity for all our customers. Up until that point we had two tariffs – New Energy, which was about 60% green; and New Energy Plus, which was 100% green for a small extra cost.
2018 vegan electricity
Ecotricity became the first energy supplier to offer vegan electricity certified by Viva! and The Vegan Society in 2018.
thumbnail 2022 bulkworthy-43819-
In 2022, we built two new sun parks in Bulkworthy (near Galsworthy Farm), Devon and Dalby, Leicestershire, with the latest solar panel technology, next to our existing wind parks at both sites.
thumbnail 2023 v3
Recently, we completed the build of our very first green gasmill in Reading. Creating green gas made from grass, the mill is now feeding into the National Grid and will provide enough green gas to supply 6,000 homes.

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The more people who join us, the more we can do to end fossil fuels