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Your green energy

Ecotricity can help you cut your carbon footprint even further via a whole range of things you can do at home…
Your green energy


At Ecotricity we don’t just generate and supply green energy, we build the machines that make it. If you own some land with space to erect a windmill, Ecotricity and our sister company Britwind can help you start generating your own electricity.

Based in Britain, Britwind designs and manufactures two types of windmill. We use them at some of our wind parks and install them for farmers, landowners and businesses across Britain as well as exporting them all round the world.

Cutting edge wind energy technology. British made. Excellent value for money. Britwind is helping fight climate change by supporting the new generation of microgenerators.

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The H15 windmill is a popular model in the UK and around the world.
The R9000 windmill is perfect for landowners who want to generate their own sustainable energy.