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Isle of Wight Council

Transport, waste and recycling, urban regeneration – the list of local council responsibilities that have an impact on the environment and climate change is an extensive one. And, with the UK government committed to cutting carbon emissions to 80% of the level they were at in 1990, local councils have a big role to play. One area where councils can make an immediate difference is in their choice of energy supplier. Isle of Wight Council is one of several local authorities that has chosen Ecotricity for its green energy.

Sustainable green energy

Ecotricity doesn’t just supply green electricity and green gas to Isle of Wight Council’s offices. A whole range of council services are using sustainably generated green energy including fire stations, care homes and leisure centres. Across the county, the Isle of Wight is helping create a greener Britain by using Ecotricity’s green energy.

Currently, 110 sites run by Isle of Wight Council are supplied by Ecotricity. It’s just one of the many councils in the UK that Ecotricity is helping to become more sustainable. An increasing number of public sector bodies are now using our green energy generated by the sun and wind in order to meet their sustainability objectives, including Westminster City Council.

Ecotricity has demonstrated that they can generate and supply 100% renewable energy sourced from the wind and sun at the same time as offering value for money.
Councillor Dave Stewart, Isle of Wight Council Leader
Isle of Wight council

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