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Your green energy

Ecotricity can help you cut your carbon footprint even further via a whole range of things you can do at home…
Your green energy

Earn money from your solar panels with Microtricity

As Britain’s greenest energy company, our mission is to create a greener Britain. You can be part of that by putting the extra green electricity generated by your solar panels or other home-generation system (mico-generation) such as wind, solar, hydro etc. back into the grid – and we'll pay you to do so.

If you are already a Microtricity customer and want to submit a reading, you can do so here.

Microtricity and the Feed-in Tariff

Microtricity allows you to earn money through the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) for the energy that you generate and export to the grid from solar panels and other forms of home-generated renewable energy. Ecotricity is registered as a ‘Voluntary’ FIT Licensee – this means we have chosen to offer this scheme, as it helps our green, renewable energy mission.

The FIT scheme was closed for new joiners by the government in 2019, but if you are already on the scheme with another energy company, you can switch to Microtricity, and we'll handle all of the admin for your payments hassle-free. We’re sure you’ll love our service, so join our green mission!

Call the team on 0345 555 7600, email to find out more, or use the Switch to Microtricity form below to switch.

Our Smart Export Tariff

We’ll soon be launching an exciting new product at Ecotricity – our Smart Export Tariff (SET). 

If you generate your own renewable energy at your property and don’t already claim for a Feed-in Tariff (FIT), you’ll be eligible to receive payments through our SET. 

You’ll need to be an Ecotricity customer with a SMETS2 smart meter, though we can install one for you if you don't already have one.

Once the SET is ready we’ll be offering a generous payment for every kilowatt hour of energy you export to the grid.

Email to register your interest.

When will our Smart Export Tariff be ready?

We’d like to offer it very soon and are working hard to develop the best product possible. This is a brand-new product to the energy industry so there’s currently a lot of manual work involved and a few technical challenges to overcome. We’ve been running a trial to perfect our offer and hope to scale up and offer it to everyone as soon as possible.

What about energy I export in the meantime?

If you want to join our SET scheme when it is ready but don't want to miss out on payments for energy you're exporting, you can stay with us for your green electricity and gas supply while registering your export with another supplier for your payments.

When our scheme is ready, it will be easy to switch your energy export to us, and we hope to offer the most competitive rate in the business. Email to register your interest.

Microtricity resources

For more information about Microtricity and how it works, read our Microtricity FIT PDF below. To switch from another FIT provider to Ecotricity, complete the switch form and send it back to us by email. Also included is a Microtricity Change of Payment Details form.

Dog-eared document iconDownload Microtricity FIT Switch Form (PDF, 87.6 Kb)

Get in touch with the Microtricity service team

You can give us a call on 0345 555 7600

Our Microtricity customer service team are available between 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am – 4pm on Friday.

Terraced houses with solar panels
If you have solar panels, you can generate your own green energy to power your home and earn money for the extra energy you export through Microtricity.