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Our partners

Our partners

Friends of the Earth

Since their first campaign action, where they returned thousands of empty bottles to the London HQ of Cadbury Schweppes to promote re-use, Friends of the Earth have continued to raise awareness and instigate change with their eye-catching and effective style.

As part of an international community covering 75 countries, Friends of the Earth encompasses around 5,000 local activist groups that cover every continent. Together they’re campaigning for a healthy environment for all, where no one exceeds their fair share of the planet’s resources.

Take back tomorrow

Many of those campaigns focus on the biggest threat that’s happening now - climate change. And Friends of the Earth knows that one of the best way to stop climate change and take back tomorrow is to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Protecting people and planet

It’s a big reason why we work together - we share the same goal, to create a future where green energy is the major source of power for the country’s needs.

With the help of our customers we’re making a big difference. By harnessing their energy bills we do some pretty amazing things: building and maintaining windmills and sunmills, developing new innovations in green energy such as battery storage and smart grids.

But that’s not all – we’ve worked with Friends of the Earth since 2011 and have been involved in some pretty important campaigns.

Since 2013 Ecotricity have taken a stand against fracking, and wherever it’s been proposed FOE groups have sprung up to protect their communities. We’ve both supported the people of Lancashire and, in particular, the protesters at the Preston New Road site as they’ve fought to keep this risky fossil fuel in the ground.

Our green mobile service, Ecotalk, has sponsored FOE’s Great British Bee count which helps experts to see how our wild bees are faring. As well as providing a comprehensive health check for Britain’s pollinators, the records help to inform other initiatives to restore pollinators to cities and create pollinator-friendly wildflower corridors across the UK.

It's a partnership that has a massive positive impact – in the time we’ve been working together, FOE supporters have saved over 750 tonnes of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere, simply by switching to Britain’s greenest energy company. That much carbon would be emitted by driving nearly four million miles in an average car. And with all the people who’ve switched, we’ve raised over £100,000 for Friends of the Earth.

A renewable future

Our partnership with Friends of the Earth makes perfect sense - they know that there’s only one major source of power we can turn to, renewables. Through our work together we can pave the way to a better, cleaner future.

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FoE Take Back Tomorrow
Like Ecotricity, Friends of the Earth believe everyone can help fight climate change by doing the little things, including getting your energy from a green supplier.
This country is blessed with a vast renewable energy resource – we need to see a massive investment in that resource if we are to tackle climate change, rather than going down the route of extracting new fossil fuels.
Friends of the Earth
FOE anti fracking eckington
One of Friends of the Earth's famous anti-fracking demonstrations in the North of England.
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