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Ecotricity can help you cut your carbon footprint even further via a whole range of things you can do at home…
Your green energy

Smart meters: helping you save energy around the clock

Getting a smart meter installed will help you monitor how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it. Knowing this, you can pinpoint ways of running your home more efficiently and saving money.

We’re currently rolling out smart meters to Ecotricity customers. We have two meter installers, Lowri Beck/Calisen and AES, one of whom will be in touch with you when installations are about to start in your area.

As a supplier, we have to adhere to Smart Meter Installation Standards. You can read about these specific national standards by visiting the Retail Energy Code website:

You can find out more about our smart meter targets and how to use them in our FAQ section, or visit which also explains the smart meter rollout across the UK.

Smart meter with usage graphs
A smart meter will tell you how much energy your home is using, and when, helping you identify ways of saving energy.