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Our story

All the things that make us Britain’s greenest energy company
Our story

Walking the talk

As Britain’s greenest energy company, we’re aware that we need to go further than supplying green energy to our customers. We also need to ensure that all our activities are as sustainable as possible. To achieve this we have put in place an environmental policy, which we regularly update, alongside a whole range of measures including constant monitoring of our environmental footprint.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, and sustainability is there in everything we do. Find out more about our environmental commitments below.

Ecotricity’s environmental policy

Although we prefer action to words, our commitments are summed up best in our environmental policy. These are the principles that guide us every day in our fight against climate change.

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Carbon neutral by 2025

Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2025 and to do this we are following ISO 14001:2015 – the internationally recognised environmental standard. From lighting and heating to our supply chain, it helps us ensure that everything we do is green.

Our environmental footprint

Being green means considering the environmental impact of everything we do. Since 2010 we’ve produced a report on our performance every year . We even know our CO2 footprint for each customer – 0.71kg in 2021/22.

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First to declare a climate emergency

In 2019, Ecotricity became the first and only energy company to declare a climate emergency. As governments lag behind their commitments to the Paris Agreement, Ecotricity has backed protesters in calling for urgent action to be taken on the environment, and in 2022 we met our commitment to become a carbon neutral business – three years ahead of target!

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Forest Green Rovers FC

We have taken our approach to Energy, Transport and Food into the world of football with Forest Green Rovers, who currently play in EFL League One. The United Nations has recognised FGR as “the de facto standard for sustainability in sport.”

Vegan energy

The vegan lifestyle isn’t just about health and ethics. Livestock farming is one of the biggest sources of carbon in the atmosphere. Unlike all the other energy companies in Britain, Ecotricity ensures that no biproducts of this industry are used to produce our energy.

Lobbying the UK Government

Successive UK governments have floundered when it comes to environmental and energy policies. Ecotricity has been there with constructive solutions.

Our 2030 vision

In 2015, we produced a report looking forward to 2030, outlining ways the economy needed to change in order to reduce carbon emissions and to build a green economy that benefits everyone.

Green Britain: looking back from 2030

We have written a timeline making it easy to understand the changes that need to be made to the British economy as we head towards 2030, when we need to make them, and why.

A low carbon future

Our vision of a green Britain by 2030 was informed by wide reaching research we commissioned, which was carried out by Cambridge Econometrics. Their independent analysis has been invaluable.