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A major presence on the high street across Britain, Lush is a business that first chose Ecotricity’s green energy back in 2008. Not only does the company light and heat its 105 retail locations in the UK with our green electricity and green gas, Ecotricity powers its offices and the manufacturing sites where Lush makes its popular handmade cosmetics.

Smart grid pioneer

Lush and Ecotricity are innovating together as well. It’s one of the companies helping us test our pioneering smart grids for business scheme. For example, our smart supply system is able to fractionally lower the power going to the refrigeration units at the company’s R&D facility at key times of day. As a result, when demand is surging across the grid, we are able to manage the distribution of green electricity from our wind farms in the most efficient way.

Green energy for an ethical business

Ecotricity’s green credentials chime perfectly with Lush’s ethical buying policy. Like us, the company is against animal testing and 85% of its products are made entirely using organic, sustainably grown plant-based ingredients. With its like-minded consumer base, Lush is able to provide its customers with added value thanks to special offers on green energy through Ecotricity.

Green energy. Beautifully fragranced sustainable cosmetics. Money off deals for customers. Ecotricity’s partnership with Lush is a win, win, win situation.

We are committed to becoming more sustainable the more we grow, by using our buying power to drive positive change.
Lush Cosmetics
Lush shopfront

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