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BOSH! joins Ecotricity at WOMAD

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28 Sep 2023

No one creates delicious plant-based recipes like Henry and Ian from BOSH! Their recipes have been viewed by over half a billion people and they’ve sold over one million best-selling cookbooks. They are committed to creating delicious meals – just by using plants.

With recipes for the whole family, they have shown us all that meat isn’t necessary when creating a tasty meal and that we can enjoy food without harming our planet. As a vegan energy company, we’re thrilled to see how they have challenged people’s perceptions of vegan food. Like switching your energy to vegan energy, it’s also easy to switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

We were thrilled to catch up with Henry and Ian at WOMAD this year to talk about BOSH!, why plant-based diets are so beneficial for our planet and about their new book MEAT.

Read on below…

BOSH crop

Start with the roots – What made you both decide to start BOSH! and where did the name come from?

We both went vegan at roughly the same time in 2015 after watching Earthlings and Cowspiracy. After a year of teaching ourselves how to cook vegan versions of the food we like to eat, we realised we had built up a culinary skill set that would also be useful for other people who were embarking on their own vegan journeys. We set up a Facebook page called BOSH! to show people how to cook vegan food and it got really popular very quickly. The name was the result of a ‘namestorm’ and it simply means “BISH BASH BOSH! - get it done quickly and get it done well”.

Have you had a favourite moment or recipe so far?

The launch of our first cookbook BOSH! was special. We threw a party at Borough Market for 500 people with food, music and cooking demonstrations from us, The Happy Pear, Anna Jones and Dr Rupy Aujla. It was a real moment for us, but it was also a real moment for plant-based food as a whole.

The recipe we’re most proud of is the Portobello Mushroom Wellington which is now a Christmas Dinner staple for plant-based people all over the world.

Thank you very much for coming as a guest of Ecotricity. Ecotricity have always promoted a vegan ethos and the importance of veganism for the climate. Do you want to talk a little bit about your relationship with Ecotricity?

We’re very pleased to be working with Ecotricity because we feel our two organisations are kindred spirits. We both have the common goal of making the world a better place but we both have different methods. Ecotricity is all about green energy and we’re all about plant-based food. We feel that for real change to happen quickly, lots of organisations like ours need to club together because there’s strength in numbers.

Veganism for the climate is a really hot topic. A few years ago, the IPCC stated factory farming was one of the most damaging industries to the climate, alongside fossil fuels, and yet many people still argue potential damage to our planet is due to a vegan diet. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

Anyone who argues that a plant-based diet isn’t good for the planet hasn’t read the right information. There are dozens of individuals and organisations who have done research and released studies that prove, unequivocally, that plant-based diets are better for the planet than diets that include a lot of meat. Misinformation is one of the biggest hurdles veganism has to jump but slowly we’re getting over it.

Meat alternatives are another hot topic both in terms of climate impact and health. Can you give us some clarity around how to use meat alternatives ethically and sustainably?

Plant-based meat alternatives are a lot more sustainable than the ‘real’ thing. Over the past few months, the term “ultra processed” has gotten a lot of airtime and as a result plant-based meat has received a lot of negative press. This negativity is unfounded because even though plant-based meat is processed, the base ingredients are all reasonably simple. A good, easy-to-understand way to think about plant-based meat is: simple ingredients, hi-tech process.

Your new book MEAT is out now. Can you tell us more about it?

Our new book is a celebration of texture, bite and chew. One of the things that people miss the most when they first adopt a plant-based diet is mouthfeel so we decided to tackle that issue head on by writing a collection of satisfying recipes that people can really get their teeth into. The book is also a first of its kind because it shows people how to cook plant-based meat alternatives properly. MEAT is our 6th Sunday Times Bestseller and we’re really proud of it.

Why the title “MEAT”? Have you ruffled any feathers?!

We wanted the title of the book to be eye-catching, but we also wanted it to signal that we believe that meat no longer needs to be sourced from animals. Humans are now technologically advanced enough to make meat using plant-based ingredients. The most exciting thing about that is that this is just the beginning and plant-based meat will only get better as the years go by.

BOSH! are also well known for their TV presence which has included Good Morning Britain, This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Sunday Brunch and Future Food Stars. How important is it to get veganism into mainstream media?

It’s very important that veganism is spoken about in a positive way in mainstream media; that’s why we always say yes to press engagements. Normalising plant-based food is the best way to get people to eat more of it.

Ecotricity are proud to be joining your list of fantastic collaborations. How did you feel when you learnt about vegan energy and what do you hope for in our future?

We’re confident that our large audience will be very interested to learn about vegan energy, and we think a lot of them will make the switch to Ecotricity as a result of our partnership.

What’s in the future for BOSH! and how can people get involved?

We’re excited about the future because the brand is growing at a good pace. We’re going to continue releasing social media content, recipe books and food in supermarkets and we have every intention of carrying on with press engagements too. 2024 is also shaping up to be a big year for BOSH! as we’re going to be putting our food in restaurants across the country.

We recommend that people follow us on our social media channels at to keep abreast of what’s happening here at BOSH!

Switch today to Ecotricity and help us create a greener Britain by investing in new sources of green energy. Switch by quoting “BOSH” and we’ll donate £30 per fuel to The Surge Sanctuary.

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