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    New Year’s resolutions to fight climate change

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    By Beth Timbrell
    20 Dec 2018
    New Year’s resolutions to fight climate change - Image 2

    After the Christmas festivities, it’s traditional to make some healthy New Year resolutions. These are often about ourselves – losing weight, getting more exercise etc. But if you haven’t already, maybe this year it’s time to consider widening the scope.

    Why not go all out and really make an impact with some resolutions to fight climate change? Even small changes can create big differences, particularly if you make changes in a number of areas. Here’s some inspiration for making New Year’s resolutions that can help the planet.

    Switch to green energy

    One of the leading causes of global warming is burning fossil fuels to power our homes. Switching to green energy is one of the single biggest things you can do to cut your carbon emissions. And with Britain’s greenest energy company, you get 100% green electricity - a fifth of which comes from our own windmills and sunmills. Plus, our green gas is set to get even greener once we start to build our green gasmills.

    Whether or not you’re supplied with green energy, it helps to be efficient with what you use. Things like using LED bulbs, turning down your heating, or washing your clothes on a cool wash all contribute to lowering your energy use.

    Cut your transport emissions

    Transport is the leading contributor to climate change in the UK, but there are things you can do to limit your impact. You could try using your car less, cycling or walking to work if at all possible. You’ll cut your carbon footprint if you use public transport, as more people are being transported on one vehicle.

    If it’s viable, you could look into buying an electric vehicle. The distance that EVs can travel on a full battery has increased dramatically over the years. And with numerous electric car charging points across the country, it’s possible to travel the length and breadth of the UK totally emission free. What’s more, with our Fully Charged bundle you can benefit from a reduced home charger and half price use of the Electric Highway, Britain’s leading electric vehicle charging network.

    Change your diet

    Animal agriculture accounts for over 14% of greenhouse gas emissions, so changing what you eat is a significant way to reduce your carbon footprint. In western countries we need to be eating five times the amount of beans and pulses, and reducing beef consumption by 90% if we’re going to have a sustainable future. To make the biggest personal impact why not try Veganuary? There are loads of resources to help you sustain a plant-based diet and it may just be the start of a permanent change.

    Adopting a vegan diet is certainly good for the planet and your health, but if it’s not for you then reducing the amount of meat and dairy in your diet will certainly help.

    Give back to nature

    The plastic problem is a hot topic now, as it rightly should be. Wildlife conservation groups are reporting record numbers of animals affected by plastic waste in the environment, particularly in the sea.

    Make it your resolution to have more awareness about singe use plastic. There are lots of alternatives available - supermarkets are waking up to the problem and providing paper options, some will happily serve food from deli counters into tubs that customers bring in, and many shops now refuse to even stock single use plastic bags.

    There are many other options too, from reusable coffee cups and straws to food wraps made from cloth that replaces cling film. It takes a little thought but it can make a huge impact, it’s sometimes just a case of readjusting your regular habits. If there’s no paper bag for your fruit or veg, does it need a bag at all? What harm is it going to come to in your trolley?

    Closer to home there’s lots you could do to help British wildlife. Volunteering for a wildlife trust is a great way to directly help nature that is struggling in the face of a changing climate. There are also lots of great campaigns to get involved in both nationally and locally.

    Don’t be afraid to start small

    Whatever you choose to do, even the smallest change will make a difference because there are a whole host of people making changes too. One of the best resolutions you can make is to keep talking about the issues that are affecting our planet and don’t give up hope.

    We hear a lot about the bad stuff but there are some wonderful things out there too. For example, The Ocean Cleanup started as the idea of a 16-year-old and has become a potential solution to removing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    People like you make a difference – be one of them in 2019.

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