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    British Airways i360 goes green with Ecotricity

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    By Max Boon
    12 Dec 2018
    British Airways i360 goes green with Ecotricity - Image 1

    British Airways i360, one of Britain’s most striking tourist attractions, has taken the next step in its sustainable journey and switched to green energy from Ecotricity.

    The multi-award-winning attraction is a giant glass viewing pod which glides up gently to 450ft above Brighton seafront to offer unrivalled views of the city, the South Downs National Park and the Sussex coastline.

    BA i360 was constructed with sustainability at its heart, with maximum energy efficiency, limited emissions and around 60 per cent of the power required to run the attraction self-generated as the viewing pod descends.

    Conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the London Eye, BA i360 can take 175 passengers on each 20-minute ‘flight’, to offer fantastic views of city landmarks, artwork on the rooftops, offshore windmills and the rolling coastline stretching away to the horizon.

    Julia Barfield, chair and co-creator of British Airways i360, said: “Since the beginning we’ve tried to have all of our buildings as sustainable as they possibly can be and this is no exception, as around sixty percent of the energy used by the pod is generated when it descends.

    “I’ve personally been a customer of Ecotricity for many years in my house and in my architectural practice and I was keen for the i360 to be on supply too.

    “I think that climate change is the most important issue we have - we clearly need to use as much renewable energy as we possibly can and Ecotricity deserves to have all our support.”

    Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: “Switching to green energy is one of the biggest things – and the easiest things – that any organisation can do to cut the emissions that cause climate change.

    “By switching to green energy, British Airways i360 will reduce the environmental impact of its own operations, while supporting Britain’s energy independence and the green economy.”

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