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Your green energy

Join our new EV tariff today

If you drive an electric vehicle, you could be saving some serious money.

With our one-year Fixed EV tariff you can charge your vehicle overnight at just 8 pence per kWh – all with 100% green electricity from Britain’s greenest energy company! Not only have we been a Which? Eco Provider for the last three years, but now we’re also a Which? recommended provider.

Tell me more

We want to reward you for using green energy to charge your vehicle at off-peak times. This special tariff is fantastic value for money and the price is fixed, so there are no nasty surprises hiding around the corner.

  • 100% green energy, price fixed for one year

  • Low-cost electricity from 12am-5am GMT every night (that’s 1am-6am when the clocks change for summer)

  • Charge your EV for 8 pence per kWh

  • Track your usage with your smart meter.

How do I qualify for this deal?

This tariff is open to everyone, whether you’re an existing Ecotricity customer or not. It’s designed to reward owners of electric vehicles, but you don’t actually have to own one to qualify. But we really recommend you use a high proportion of your energy overnight, such as for charging an EV.

You’ll need:

  • An existing smart meter, with readings taken every half an hour

  • To pay by Direct Debit.

That’s it!

Can I take gas on this deal, as well?

Yes, if you’re a dual fuel customer, your Fixed Tariff will apply to both fuels.

If you are not already with us, email us at or call us on 0808 123 0123 for a quote. If you are already a customer, call our customer support team on 0345 555 7 100.

Can I see details of the costs?

Of course. As an ethical energy provider, we’re always completely open about the details of our tariffs.

Average prices for electricity:

  • Electricity standing charge - 53.34p/day

  • Electricity day (5am-12am GMT) rate - 30.78p/kWh 

  • Electricity night (12am-5am GMT) rate - 8.00p/kWh.

Average prices for gas, if you decide to take it as well:

  • Gas standing charge - 29.18p/day

  • Gas standard rate - 6.80p/kWh 

Averages are across all of Britain, actual costs vary by region.

Exit fees:

  • £100 per fuel

For comparison purposes, based on average use, this tariff will cost £1,910.39 for dual fuel customers inc VAT. This assumes a peak vs off peak usage split of 58:42, as for Economy 7 tariffs.

Dog-eared document iconOur domestic tariffs May 2024 (PDF, 3.1 Mb)
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