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Our partners

Sea Shepherd

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Sea Shepherd might just be the biggest marine conservation charity you’ve never heard of. The international non-profit organisation has been fighting illegal fishing and whaling around the world since 1976, using innovative direct action tactics to expose illegal activity in our oceans.

Protecting habitats and ocean biodiversity

Sea Shepherd and Ecotricity share the same goal, to make space for nature and promote a sustainable future. Sea Shepherd fight to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans, to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Since the foundation of Sea Shepherd UK in 2005, the charity has provided crew members, funding and equipment for fleets of conservation vessels on campaigns all over the world. Hundreds of volunteers help document, investigate and take non-violent direct action against whalers and illegal fisheries in international waters.

Since 2014, Sea Shepherd UK have been running successful campaigns around British coastlines. The Seal Defence Campaign was launched to monitor salmon fishing companies and fish farms, to stop the illegal killing of common and grey seals – both protected species. 71 crew from 12 different countries were engaged in patrols, both on land and around the coastline, protecting more than 200 seals and countless seabirds. 

One of Sea Shepherd’s most high profile campaigns has been in stopping the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands. Not only have they run campaigns to put a stop to the illegal activity – they’ve gone into the middle of hunts to protect the whales.

Making space for nature

Plastic pollution is globally recognised as one of the biggest threats to marine wildlife, including birds, sharks, turtles and marine mammals. It causes injury and death through drowning, entanglement, and starvation through ingestion.

Sea Shepherd UK’s Marine Debris Campaign aims to educate the public on the plastic problem, and remove harmful plastics and other debris from the UK’s coastlines – which includes over 50 beach cleans every year.

Ecotricity and Sea Shepherd

We’ve supported Sea Shepherd UK since 2008 – our founder Dale Vince is even an Honorary Patron!

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Sea Shepherd Vessels
Sea Shepherd's vessels are at sea to help protect our oceans and marine life.
SeaShepherd marinedebris
Sea Shepherd volunteers are helping to tidy up Britain's beaches. Joining Ecotricity will help support their efforts.