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Our partners

Our partners

English Heritage

There are two big reasons we’ve partnered with English Heritage – firstly, to help look after our past, and secondly, to secure a green future.

We think it’s a great partnership. We’ve joined forces to make history sustainable, combining our expertise in renewable energy with their passion for preservation. Safeguarding the past is what English Heritage is all about, and with us they’ll be looking at how they can best secure their historic sites for years to come.

We’re planning to work on a number of measures that do this. We’ll review English Heritage’s energy usage across their 420 sites, making recommendations for organisational change that will instil a green ethos throughout the charity.

Our funding will also help to support a new post at English Heritage: an Energy and Sustainability Manager. They’ll ensure that the right things are in place to make the charity greener and more sustainable, all of which goes towards tackling climate change – a major threat to the conservation of historic places.

English Heritage are also taking steps to spread green grass roots within their organisation, appointing green energy champions who’ll receive help and expertise from our training academy here in Stroud. Through this initiative, they’ll spread the importance of reducing energy usage and the wider green message throughout the charity.     

You can play a vital part too: by choosing green energy and switching to Ecotricity. It’s a really simple way of cutting your emissions, and at the same time you’ll be helping English Heritage to do more of their great work.

You’ll get 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas, as well as our legendary customer service.

There’s a green outcome to paying your bills too. We operate a unique model: we use the money from our customers’ energy bills to build new sources of green energy in Britain. It’s what we call turning ‘bills into mills’ – and it’s how we’re changing the way energy is made and used in Britain.

If you'd like to look after our past and our future, click the button and get a quote.

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With Ecotricity’s support, we will effectively monitor and review energy consumption at our collection of over 400 historic sites, putting environmental sustainability first.
Rob Woodside, Estates Director at English Heritage