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Vegan Power: Back to our roots

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By Imogen Ford
10 Jun 2024

Vegan energy? Are we STILL talking about that?! Of course – and this year we’re proud to be celebrating our six-year anniversary of our energy being vegan-certified by the Vegan Society.

It’s a great USP but, really, we think all energy should be vegan – why do animals and their by-products need to be involved in the process of generating energy anyway?

Back to where it all began

When we first announced that we were the world’s first vegan-certified energy supplier, it’s fair to say that the reaction was pretty mixed.

vegan collage

Back in 2018, we reported that a number of the Big Six energy companies (as well as some so called ‘green’ suppliers) were using animal by-products to make electricity and gas in the UK. From dead salmon to pig slurry, we shed new light on what was really being used to generate the electricity and gas being pumped into UK homes.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’re still the only vegan-certified energy supplier in the world. If you make conscious decisions about the food you eat and the clothes you wear, it makes sense to be aware of what’s powering your home too.

We have all the right ingredients

The best recipes are the ones which are easy to follow, and which don’t have obscure ingredients you’ve never actually heard of. Our energy fuel mix is much the same – no animal by-products, no nasties, just green energy.

vegan table

Some people don’t see the problem with using animal by-products in energy production, using the argument that it’s better to use the waste products than not – but the problem is much bigger than that. By relying on waste products, these energy companies are actually relying on the factory farming industry continuing – and we don’t agree with that at all.

We’re committed to building a greener Britain and to end the use of fossil fuels. That’s why we use our profits to build more sources of green energy ourselves, rather than just using up what’s already out there – we call this Bills into Mills. We know that building new green infrastructure is integral in fighting the climate crisis.

Ready to start turning your bills into mills?!

Switch to Ecotricity and we’ll use your bill money to build new sources of renewable energy and build a greener Britain.

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