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Stroud Women’s Refuge

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By Adam Ifans
26 Mar 2024

Ecotricity are proud to support Stroud Women’s Refuge as part of our Vulnerability Commitment.

Stroud Women’s Refuge are a small charity based in Stroud who help women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

They provide safety and independence for women and children from around the UK whose lives have been impacted by domestic abuse. They also run a local community outreach programme for women in the Stroud district who are affected by or at risk of domestic abuse.


When women and children leave refuge accommodation for their own housing, finding a gas and electricity provider can be genuinely problematic as many companies ask for large up-front payments. This is a huge ask on top of all the other tasks which come with starting their new lives.

“Moving from refuge can be a time where women are most at need. Having a safe home aware from fear and risk of violence is the aim for the women we support however it is an expensive and stressful time. Most women have left their homes without any belongings and no access to retrieve these.” Ellen Perrett, Service Manager, Stroud Women's Refuge

That’s where we come in – we provide financial support to help them get on their feet. We should point out; they can choose any energy provider for their gas and electricity – we don’t insist that they join us, we just want to help.

We support Stroud Women’s Refuge because Ecotricity is based in Stroud, near the famous hill where our founder Dale Vince put up his first windmill almost 30 years ago.


Our offices are here and we’re the biggest employer in the area, so we really feel we have a responsibility to the people of Stroud.

“The support from Ecotricity means that women can be secure in the knowledge that they have funds to use against their energy accounts and utility bills, providing a positive financial boost and ensuring they are not in debt before they have even moved into their home.” Ellen Perrett, Service Manager, Stroud Women's Refuge

Visit the Stroud Women’s Refuge website to learn more about the work they do and how you can support them.

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