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Let’s give fossil fuels the red card

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17 Jan 2024

There are 3.5 billion football fans on this amazing planet of ours, a community like no other with the power to drive sweeping change across politics, communities and countries.

That’s why we’re delighted to be the headline sponsors for an amazing event – the Green Football Weekend, coming this 18 January until 7 February. Football clubs and fans across the UK are coming together to tackle climate change and protect our planet.

From green energy and electric cars, to cutting back on meat and giving local wildlife a helping hand, there are lots of ways to help the planet.

As an individual the most effective thing you can do to tackle the climate crisis is to choose truly deep green energy from Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy company.

Switch to us this Green Football Weekend by using the source code GFW2024 and we’ll credit your account with £80 (£40 per fuel)!

Transfer some veggies to your plate

Although energy is the biggest part of everyone’s personal carbon footprint, there’s plenty more effective action you can take. That’s why the Green Football Weekend is so important, bringing the UK’s football fans together to give fossil fuels the red card.

Head to the Green Football Weekend website for free tasty veggie recipes from your favourite football players. There’s also a chance win amazing prizes by helping your club lift the Green Football Cup.

The little things really do make a difference when enough of us do them. For instance, did you know that if the UK’s football fans had just one veggie meal a day, we could save the equivalent carbon emissions to removing 5.5 million cars off our roads every year!

We know a little bit about delicious plant-based food – our sister company, Devil’s Kitchen, makes wickedly tasty food with renewable energy that’s doing everyone the world of good. It’s already served in over 2,000 schools, colleges and universities, and you can sign up your school or club for delicious plant-based burgers here.

You can also treat yourself to a tasty burger on match days at the football club that we’re proud to call our partner, Forest Green Rovers.

Top of the table

Forest Green Rovers has been described by FIFA as the greenest football club in the world, and in 2017 was officially recognised as the world’s first vegan football club. They’re also the world’s first United Nations certified carbon neutral football club.

Here’s a message from FGR Chairman and Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince, about the Green Football Weekend:

Dear Ecotricity, friends and supporters,

First things first - Happy new year…:)

I’m writing to tell you about a new campaign that we’re involved with - called the Green Football Weekend.  As the name suggests perhaps - It’s all about greening up the world of football and takes place more or less over a weekend..:) The first weekend in Feb.

The campaign is aimed at clubs, players and fans and its core focus this year (this is the second year) is food - one of my favourite subjects, as you may know.  We’ll be sharing the messages about plant-based food, its role in human health and the climate crisis and showing people just how easy it is to make changes that benefit both.  Our own Devil’s Kitchen burgers will be centre stage as we push to make them an option in football grounds up and down the country.  We already supply one in four English primary schools by the way.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I would love for you to get involved with us.  Here’s how;

A key part of the campaign is a competition for fans, whereby we ask them to score green goals for their team in the 'Green Football Cup’ - a competition that spans the Premier League and the EFL.  Including our own Forest Green Rovers. Scoring goals is as simple as undertaking a pledge or action, like eating a plant-based meal, or planning one using the AI recipe generator or switching to a green energy provider. Just do or pledge to do something and you score a goal, for whichever team you support (Forest Green I hope…:))

The campaign kicks off on January 18, you can find all the details here

Let’s all score goals for FGR and get them to the top of the Green Football Cup.



Nothing brings people together like football. Fans, clubs, players, leagues and grassroots teams everywhere are taking action to show the world what they can do when they come together - so grab your boots (and your wooden spoons!) and get involved in this year’s Green Football Weekend.

Don’t forget switch to Ecotricity and you’ll get £80 credit to account (£40 per fuel).

Switch now

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