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Don’t miss out: part-own a wind farm with Ripple Energy!

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By Imogen Ford
23 May 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Ripple Energy on their upcoming Whitelaw Brae wind park in the Scottish borders’ moorland. But this isn’t just any partnership – it’s one where our customers can benefit too, both in carbon saving and reductions in your energy bill. Don’t miss out – the share offer window closes on Friday 31st May. Sign up now. 

Building more green energy sources in the UK has always been at the heart of what we’re all about, so it’s exciting to partner with another company on the same mission.  

The project 

The Whitelaw Brae wind park is set to be the UK’s largest people-owned green energy project and will be home to 14 windmills capable of generating enough energy to power around 54,000 homes.  

The site is located on upland above the Fruid Reservoir, sitting on the Scottish Borders near Tweedsmuir and Moffat. Its site has been chosen to take advantage of optimal wind exposure, with a habitat management plan in place and 56 hectares of native woodland, marshland and scrubland being planted to further support the land.

Our partnership 

Ecotricity customers can now buy shares of the Whitelaw Brae project ahead of construction starting, and you’ll reap the benefits in savings on your energy bill once the project starts generating electricity. Current timeframes estimate that this will be in late 2026/early 2027. 

3 minutes
Some key points 

The wind park will save around 78,323 tonnes of CO2 every year. 

Once the park is generating energy, each member household will save around 1,434kg of CO2 every year. 

When running at full power, Whitelaw Braw can generate enough electricity to power the average UK home for a whole year in less than three minutes. 

Don’t miss out - the share offer closes on 31st May 2024, so make sure to sign up before then.  

Want to find out more?

Invest in a greener future today with Ripple Energy.

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