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The Green Fightback… Top tips from our partners

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Originally posted 25 November 2020

By Christopher Appleby
12 Jan 2021
Green Fightback Partners

The Green Fightback is a campaign to make Britain greener by moving more quickly towards 100% green energy, street by street across the entire country.

But the Green Fightback isn’t just about renewable energy, it’s about fostering a community with an emphasis on finding a different way to live. One that will protect the natural world, animals and the environment – and making sure that we can hand down a world worth living in to our descendents.

With that in mind, we asked our partners for tips and ideas of how you can help them in their work as part of the Green Fightback. Like us, we think you’ll be impressed…

Protect the natural world - tips from RSPB

RSPB Protect the natural world
Bumblebee sitting on a flower

The RSPB says that climate change is the most pressing issue humanity will face in the next generation. The challenges we face show the importance of demanding more from our leaders and calling for strong laws for nature, sustainable farming practices, and a green economic recovery. You can join our efforts, alongside Ecotricity, in calling for these changes:

1. First you can sign the RSPB’s ‘Revive Our World’ petition.

Over 85,000 people have already shown how much they care, and you can join

2. Join us as a campaign champion

Play a vital role in our campaigns year-round. We’ve done mass lobbies and mailing campaigns, and we provide resources so you can run your own campaigns.

3. We can also do more to live sustainably

To help take action while our leaders dither and delay. Changing how we holiday, reducing the carbon footprint of our diet and changing how we power our homes are all small changes, with big rewards for nature. 

  • Flying return from London to San Francisco can emit around 5.5 tonnes of CO2, twice what a family car emits in a whole year.

  • Cutting your meat and dairy consumption just in half could reduce your footprint by a third.

  • Changing who powers your home to a green energy supplier is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Make a vegan difference – tips from The Vegan Society

Make a vegan difference
A low carbon vegan meal

Tim Thorpe from The Vegan Society says that while the leading cause of the climate crisis is the burning of fossil fuels, it’s vital to realise that the global contribution of animal farming to greenhouse emissions is around 14.5%. We need to see reduced emissions in all sectors. Together we can make a huge difference in bringing emissions down.

1. The Vegan Society’s Plate up For the Planet

Why not try 7 day pledge to begin your journey to a low carbon diet?

If you’re passionate about the environmental impact of our food you could join The Vegan Society’s Community Network and work with other volunteers to make a difference in your local area. By volunteering you’ll help to drive systemic change and join our campaigns to support British farmers to grow the high protein crops we need for a sustainable plant-based system.  We’re asking our public sector institutions to provide nutritionally balanced plant-based meals on every menu.

Join a community group – like Eastbourne ECO Action Network

Your community needs you. Across the country, there are groups of passionate people who are working to turn their communities carbon neutral or to take local action to preserve the natural world.

One group, Eastbourne ECO Action Network (EEAN) are based in the coastal town of Eastbourne in East Sussex. They are a Community Interest Company made up of people, businesses, charities and social organisations who are united by the same goal – to turn Eastbourne carbon neutral by 2030. Working in close collaboration with Eastbourne Borough Council, they represent a fresh approach to engaged citizenship in the local

EEAN top tips for households and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints are:

1. Volunteer

Your community needs your individual contribution. If you live in the Eastbourne area, you can join EEAN to make a difference. You can be part of one of their 8 action groups or join as a general volunteer.

2. Use active transport

For journeys travelling to and from work with a distance of 5 km or less try active transport. Active transport is simply walking or cycling – keeping yourself active. Not only does it have great health benefits, but it also means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars more importantly reduces harmful emissions and improves air quality. If you don’t already have a bike to ride to work, take a look at the government’s cycle to work scheme.

Have a look at the Green Commute Initiative which allows for the cost of more expensive e-bikes.

Help Ecotricity turn your street green

We urgently need you to join the Green Fightback, spread the word and recruit your friends and neighbours to Ecotricity. As Britain’s greenest energy company, we invest our customers’ bill money in to new sources of green, renewable energy and are dedicated to fighting the climate crisis.

The more people who join us, the more we can do to create a greener Britain. Together, we can make a difference.

Join the Green Fightback

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