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Ecolibrium is an energy flexibility delivery platform which uses digital technology and complex data processing to control energy demand and output, intelligently balancing them to avoid peaks and troughs - improving efficiency. If your business has potential flexibility in its demand or generation assets, it could benefit from Ecotricity’s Ecolibrium platform.

What are the benefits of Ecolibrium?

As renewable energy generation increases, Britain’s energy grid needs to become more flexible. The problem is having the right amount of energy available at the right time, as you can’t expect the weather to be completely consistent. Battery storage of energy is just one part of the answer. The broader solution is a platform that can automatically control demand and supply of energy according to the grid’s needs, and that’s what Ecolibrium does, delivering power needs -come rain or shine. Another big step towards creating a sustainable world.

How does the Ecolibrium work?

The Ecolibrium platform wirelessly links many types of renewable generation assets and demand to our control desk, where we can monitor them in real time and use them to deliver flexibility services for the National Grid, or energy when the market needs it.

Using our Ecolink system, the platform connects a multitude of flexible assets – whether they’re generation assets, demand load or batteries and ensures they operate at optimal times to either reduce cost, in the case of demand, or create additional value in the case of generation or storage.

It can do this by monitoring controlled assets second by second, and managing their load according to our intelligent forecasting, thus delivering market and grid value.

Having hundreds of assets connected like this creates a ‘virtual power plant’ – and it can make a huge difference, ensuring we make the most of every bit of green energy. This creates a more sustainable and secure energy grid by helping balance energy supply and demand in the very short term.

Ecolibrium both makes you money and ensures that more renewable energy is being used across the whole grid, helping to fight the climate crisis. It’s the future of energy in Britain.

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Smart grid diagram
Energy supplies are monitored by the smart grid control centre, as is energy consumption, so that the two can be balanced for a more efficient energy grid.